“Right from the word “go” Greenstone got things going and introduced and subsequently placed us with high quality employers. Their service is professional, effective and efficient. We will gladly recommend Greenstone Recruitment’s service to anyone.”

Nathan & Elri Levin – Employees

“I would like to thank Greenstone Recruitment for the great support I received as I sought a job placement in New Zealand. After assessing my potential they helped my find a suitable employer and subsequent application for a work visa. The whole process was seamless and completed within the expected duration. Their staff are truly professional and ready to help at all times. I would recommend Greenstone to anyone seeking job/visa in NZ. May God richly bless you.”

Evans Tarus – Employee

“We would like to sincerely thank Greenstone for all the hard work, time and effort you put into our Recruitment this year. It was a very challenging time but you kept us on track with your advice, guidance and reassurance.  So a special thank you!  We appreciate everything you did for us.”

Heather & Fred Savage – Employers

“I have been dealing with Greenstone Recruitment for a while now and find them to be extremely professional and always deliver a high standard of service.  They are always very helpful and interviewing candidates with their help always a breeze.  I will recommend Greenstone Recruitment to anyone.”

Harry Rich – Employer

“When we needed any advice or help Greenstone’s staff was always friendly and helpful and we felt comfortable to contact them any time.”

Abdi Asman Korir

“I would like to thank Greenstone the service was easy and without Greenstone I am sure I couldn’t be where I am now. I think the staff are well aware of what they are dealing with and they keep in touch well. Thanks so much.”

Thembile Mvimbi

“Very professional, friendly service, deliver as and when promised.  Thanks all at Greenstone, it has been a pleasure going through this process with you.”

Ian Sclanders – Employee

“In particular I would like to thank Philip Hughes for his unwavering commitment, drive and sincerity with which he has pursued this case. The man’s willingness to go the extra mile and the professional approach in dealing with challenges during the process has certainly impressed me and it is with gratitude that I would call him a STAR.

I would certainly recommend your company to fellow South Africans looking to migrate to New Zealand”

Dick Niemand – Employee

“High standard of service, we recommend Greenstone because they have helped us every step of the way. Lovely patient and passionate people who were just a phone call away. We really appreciate the time and effort they put into everything”

Rodrigo Perez

“You guys are awesome. The best thing is you always answered my calls and showed me the right path to achieve my goals. Many, many thanks for everything and I appreciate your efforts. You were always there when I needed you throughout the whole process. Thanks”

Billy Singh

“They went way beyond and above to help us and to achieve our goal to permanently stay in NZ. They made our dream come true.”

Carel and Amanda Luwes

“When we needed any advice or help Greenstone’s staff was always friendly and helpful and we felt comfortable to contact them any time.”

Johan and Noeline Vorster

“Thank you so much for your help. If today I am in New Zealand because of you. I don’t have words to say thanks. Also my wife she also gives greeting to you.”

Gurjeet Singh Baidwan

“We appreciated Greenstone’s professional and caring service.”

Jim & Margaret Tarrant – Employers

“New Zealand before was just a dream, now it’s a reality! Thanks to Greenstone Recruitment. They guided me in every phase of moving to New Zealand.”

Rey Boloron – Employee

“The people behind Greenstone are extraordinary. They are family to us. We are grateful that we made it this far because they lead the way. They are with us all the way!! Greenstone Team, our gratitude to you! You are blessing”

Jose and Joy Lu

“The service was much quicker than what we anticipated, as this is our first one with Greenstone. We found it very satisfactory and definitely recommend to all the people we know who needs help. It was a good thing we approached Greenstone. Good luck and more power, God Bless”

Arcelito Ga

“Excellent service and friendly staff. I really like the fact that you can email/contact and can speak to Greenstone within minutes. Thanks very much for all the work you did for us.”

Arie and Minette Smit

“I am very grateful to have received the services of Greenstone, which were more than good, excellent. I realise that without the services that they gave me, I could have made mistakes or obvious things that would have compromised the success of the process in question negatively. I would recommend the services of this company without hesitation to anyone needing support and assistance in immigration matters. Greenstone was with me step by step, from the beginning to the end throughout the process, which was successful, for which I am very grateful. Definitely results would not have been the same without them.”

Daniel Jones

“I had a good experience with Greenstone. They provide in-depth information and do their best.”

Gurbir and Gurpreet

“Using Greenstone Recruitment saved us hours of frustration, filtering out mediocre and poor from the good.  Both times we have used Greenstone Recruitment we have ended up with outstanding employees; we would definitely use them in the future.  Thank you.”

Stuart Muir – Employer

“Highly recommended.  Excellent dealing and best for dairy farm visas.”

Mani Sarthali – Employee

“We have always experienced excellent service and follow up support from Greenstone Recruitment.”

Mark & Georgina Campbell – Employers

“Great service, and experience. Thanks for going out of your way to help us.”

Bernie Boonzaaer – Employee

“We can be assured of Greenstone honesty and I was overwhelmed by their advice.  Coming here to New Zealand is such a big challenge for us, but with their assistance we felt like we’ve been their place a long time ago.  They accommodate us in a nice warm welcome.  Thanks so much for the huge help.”

Bennis Kuizon – Employee now Employer

“Excellent service from day 1, regular updates.  Much more help than we could ever expect.  We ran into financial difficulties when we arrived and Greenstone left no stone unturned to help us – set us up with the bank, helped with the registration for tax, organised transport and so on and so on! We will most definitely recommend Greenstone to every single person interested to emigrate to New Zealand – and we will use them again to help with our Permanent Residency Application – for sure first class service!”

Wouter & Dianne Ten Haaf – Employee now Employer

“Excellent service, Keep it up.”

Chris Dalangin