Our Services for Employees

Finding the right job for you

Greenstone Recruitment has been assisting candidates since 2006.  We like to first understand what type of employer and work environment is going to fit with what you are looking for. If we can get the “fit” right then you are more likely going to have a positive employment outcome.

Our recruiters have a wealth of experience helping both New Zealand and overseas job seekers.  For candidates who need work visas, we work closely with our in-house immigration team to ensure these are processed for you.


We recruit at all levels within the Agricultural industry. Due to the large size of the dairy industry in New Zealand, this often tends to dominate job listings. However, we deal with all sectors including specialist, and non-generic positions.  Take a look at our job board for current Agricultural vacancies or contact us if there are no current listings that suit you.


We recruit skilled and registered tradesmen across all industries including Plumbers, Electricians, Welders, CNC Operators, and Metal Workers to name a few.   We would like to hear from you if you are seeking a job within the Trades sector as we may just have what you are looking for.  Take a look at our job board for current Trades vacancies or contact us if there are no current listings that suit you.

End to End recruitment process
  • Step 1: You will need to submit a completed on-line application along with your CV to help us fully assess your skills and experience
  • Step 2: Once we receive your application, we will then see if we have a suitable job vacancy which matches what you are looking for
  • Step 3: If you are successful in being shortlisted for a job vacancy, we will then discuss with you the next steps in the process
  • Step 4: We arrange interview details between yourself and the employer
  • Step 5: We present the job offer details on behalf of the employer
  • Step 6: We ensure all details are in place for your start date
  • Step 7: Assisting with any questions around employment agreements and job descriptions

Immigration Advisory Service

If you need a visa to work, Greenstone has a team of experienced Licensed Immigration Advisers who can manage the visa process for you and your family members.

For further details on our immigration services and full list of our Licensed Advisers click here

Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for Filipino employees

Overseas Employment Certificates issued by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) are managed by the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) in New Zealand, a branch of the DMW (Department of Migrant Workers) based at the Philippines Embassy in Wellington.

The OEC verifies that the applicant is a registered Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). It is valid for 60 days and allows holders to exit the Philippines for work. The OEC is valid for a single exit from the Philippines. Having an OEC also exempts the holder from travel tax and airport terminal fees, and the spouse and dependents pay reduced rates of travel tax.

The OEC process requires documentation from both the worker and the employer. Greenstone has an experienced Filipino team ready to help you and a partner agency in the Philippines for support.

We regularly work with employers on OEC applications and can provide indirect hire services for our recruitment clients. We can also manage the process for direct-hire clients if employers have hired 5 or fewer staff from the Philippines through the direct-hire process.

We will manage the entire POEA process and make sure all requirements by the Department of Migrant Workers are met. Please contact us to take care of the whole process for you.

POLO-POEA verifications for employers and Filipino employees

Before an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) can obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), it is necessary to undergo an Employment Contract Verification process.

This process guarantees that the OFW has a legitimate job and employer overseas and that the contract conditions comply with the minimum requirements of both the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the host government. It is a crucial step in fulfilling the initial requirements for an OEC.

The implementing guidelines on the Direct Hire Ban pursuant to POEA Memo 08-2018 state that, to qualify for an exemption:

  • the applicant worker must be a professional or highly skilled and the content and condition in the contract including the compensation package of the employer must be above standards.
  • the number of professionals and skilled workers hired for the first time by the employer shall not exceed the allowed number.
  • the employer should be the one to process and submit the documents to POLO. Should POLO decline the exemption, the documents will be sent back, and the employer must partner with a Philippine Recruitment Agency in the Philippines to be able to hire the applicant worker.

Greenstone can assist with POLO verifications for employers and for employees. We manage the entire process and make sure that all requirements by the Department of Migrant Workers are met. Please contact us to take care of the whole process for you.

“Great service, and experience. Thanks for going out of your way to help us.”

Bernie Boonzaaer – Dairy Farm Worker now Farm Manager