Greenstone Recruitment has exclusive contracts to place international students who are completing Level 2 agricultural certificates in New Zealand right now.

The first 16 dairy farming trainees complete their 9-week theory block on 10th March and their 12-week course by 31st March.
The good news is that they can complete their 3-week unpaid practical on your farm as long as you have the scope to train and suitable accommodation.

All trainees have been selected for the course based on their prior farming experience or agricultural study, and have good conversational-level English.

Trainees are available for interviewing now and you will have the opportunity to first pick for employment. 

Greenstone Recruitment is exclusively managing this process. Please contact Greenstone Agri Specialist Louise Spence, at [email protected], or 027 239 6821 if you are interested and would like to know more details. Our office number is 07 850 1411.

Alternatively, you can contact Greenstone Recruitment manager Phil Hughes – [email protected]